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I believe laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything is going wrong. I believe happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day. I believe in miracles

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Camp Kate/Chicago Trip

In Iowa on the way home! Kate and I!

All of us with Kate! Coming into the City!

Six Flags! Car Hedge

I have just gotten back from Chicago with Tiffany and Jaimie who I teach with and a few of our students. We have been watching a choreographer and her dancers on you tube for awhile now and became obsessed. When we found she was doing a three day camp we were so there! We didn't fly we drove three days to get there and then a day to get back.. it was a LONG drive but so much fun!! It was well worth it! Look her up; Kate Jablonski! I want to be in this girl's mind and come up with the pieces she's done. I learned so much with her about being a better dancer and teacher. I have already used some of her teaching techniques! We stopped at a place called "Car hedge" in Alliance, Nebraska. It is like the stone hedge in England but made with cars. It was really cool and I know I wouldn't be able to see the things I did from an airplane. We went through WY, NE, IA and then IL. In Illinois, we stopped at Six Flags, it was sooo much fun! The water park was the best part! I went on a free fall type of water slide. You stand in a capsule and then the floor opens and it drops you down! so fun! We had our three day kick butt hard camp, it was six hours everyday where we did technique, improving, jazz, contemporary,conditioning and musical theater! I loved every class!! We also learned five dances! We stopped in the city, but we didn't so much sight seeing, seeing as how we were there for dance. We just did our two favorite things, dance and shop! It was so fun and I went with fun people to make it even better!

Friday, July 1, 2011

summer time!

Lets see here... Sense the last post things have been up and down such as life. My grandpa's funeral and viewing are done and over with but they were such great tributes to my cute grandpa! We had the viewing June 20 (my mom's birthday) and his funeral the 21st. I miss him everyday! Happy Birthday too mom!! You mean more to me than you know and I know this year was a sad birthday but I know you were surrounded by all those that make you happy this day as well. I LOVE YOU.

(couldn't find one of me (of course) so I used this cute pic of Eric and Lara at the funeral.

Right after the funeral my mom and I packed up for a well needed and long awaited girls trip to St. George. We met up with our Friends Vesta and Angie and Angie's kids. It was so much fun we had our laughs and cries and just layed by the pool the whole time while eating del taco for almost every meal. ha ha hey, its a vacation who needs that four letter word diet! My favorite part was tuchacan we saw grease and little mermaid and both were good but little mermaid was by far way better and soo cute!! HIGHLY recommend it! pictures above, blogger is retarded.

Just a few last notes as well... I post things on here for myself mostly, so if you have a problem with the things i post (which are the truth) don't come read no one said you had to. Also don't be immature and start drama when there is no need for it, because it doesn't effect me at all. Love you all :)

Second- You know that feeling where you feel like you keep getting hit with a ton of bricks? yeah that is me lately, but when your life is going a certain way and you have absolutely no control over the things happening to you it gets a little stressful, what is even more stressful is when I feel I have no one to talk to you that understands, so my posts for a while may be me venting. just a fore warning. sorry if you feel a bit of attitude or resentment in my posts.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Blog Update

Wow sense it has been over a year sense I have blogged I figured it was time for a blogger makeover and update. SO much has happened in this past year it has been ridiculous! Some good and bad have come a long with the rest of 2010 and 2011 but that is life. I'll start where I left off...
April 2010:Jordan as you know from past blogs was off in So. Carolina training with the army. I went in April to visit him for "Family Day" with his parents. We got two days out of our three days there with him and got to see him graduate BCT.
May 2010: Jordan came home on the 27th of May and we had a party to celebrate. We also,at this point, had plans to get married in a year on May 20th 2011(as you can see it is passed this date and we are not married).His dad also got married during this time in which I was a bridesmaid.
June 2010: Well the month of June was bitter sweet for me. I got a phone call from Jordan's roommate while in training in Texas. I only met him once at the airport, and he was kind enough to call me up and tell my worst nightmare. I had suspected all these things that he had to say but never wanted to believe they could be true. I found out he was drinking, doing drugs, smoking, and having sex with all these women. I guess that is what your men do when their "phone dies". Well it wasn't a question of who I believed, and Jordan and I were over faster than you can say douche bag. It was an answer to my prayers though and I am so thankful for PFC Pessetto. :) I never really looked back after that day, with the lord, friends and my amazing mother I got through all of the five seconds of heartbreak and he was out of my life completely.
July 2010: Well I spent all of July having a blast with family, going to Bear Lake and going to Tim Mcgraw with my family and friends. It was a blast and I knew then what really mattered in this life. Family.Friends. and being happy no matter the cost.
August 2010: Nothing really exciting happened in August, it was just back to school and back to work. I did enjoy my preschool kids this last year though, I actually cried at their graduation. I also had a great dance year! Tiffany is the best person to work for! We really developed a friendship this dance year. And as much as I hate to admit it, school wasn't bad, and it got me that much closer to being done. Eric also started dating a new girl Lara this month, and they are already talking about marriage. My cousin Kara had her baby Reese too.
September 2010: Again not much happened this month. Eric turned 21 and went to Vegas, and I became SO happy with where I was in life, when Brandon Lee Caplette came out of nowhere and swept me off my feet. He was there for me when I needed someone and we just became close (despite me hating him before) we started dating on the 24th after I already told him no when he asked me to be his girlfriend. My best friends also got engaged this month, in Rome! so romantic huh?
October 2010: This month was just same old October and Halloween parties. I was a sailor and Brandon was a pirate. I was a sailor with my friends Lacia and Amber. We did have a loss in our family this month on the 30th. My cousin Nathan(Steph's husband) took his life one day unexpectedly and so there we were with one less family member and a lot of tears. My other friends got engaged this month as well. and A teacher at my work also got married this month.
November 2010: The end of the year just kept getting harder for our family. Only about a week after laying Nathan to rest, my Uncle who wasn't just an uncle to me, dies of a heart attack. He was in St. George enjoying life with his sweet wife and during a show in Thuacan the heart attack came and he died instantly. There my aunt Marci was alone and had to wait alone for all her kids to get there. It was the hardest thing I had to deal with that point in my life. I still am very sad and miss him so much but I know I will see him again, and that's what keeps me going. Needless to say, we laid him to rest the week before thanksgiving, so I wasn't a very thankful person this year.
December 2010: This month was busy for me. We had a cute Christmas dance recital, and my birthday. I turned 20 and went to dinner at P.F Chang's with my family and Brandon and then we went to see the lights at temple square. We had Christmas, and even though we were happy, we still felt a void of our family members. The first things without someone are always the hardest. It was my first Christmas with Brandon though and we had fun together getting each other gifts still being new in the relationship. My friends and I also had another Tabiona trip during our Christmas break. It was so much fun! We even exchanged gifts, we got the boys shirts with all our nicknames and "the krew" on it! My cousin Tara also had her cute baby boy Crew.
January 2011: We celebrated Conner and Collin's Birthday this month. Conner turned 17 and Collin turned 16 and got a cute little res chevy caviller for his birthday! He was so excited and so surprised! He likes that I can't drive it though because the seat doesn't scoot up far enough for me to reach the peddles. We also celebrated 2011! Brandon, Eric, Lara and I went to my friend's Chaseton's house and we played games, ate lots and had our new years kisses. It was one of the funnest new years I had.
February 2011: Things were starting to get more laid back for me here for just a little anyway. I was just going to school, I started a new semester in Jan and that was about it. Dance and work weren't too busy either. We went to visit my uncle's grave for his birthday which was a little tough but I felt him there. It was Brandon's birthday this month and so I took him to a Jazz game against my awesome Bulls. It was cool that it happened to be Jerry Sloan's last game he coached. Valentine's day Brandon and I went to Dinner to tepanyaki's and we exchanged gifts. We also took another Tabi trip this month.
March 2011: wow.. I forgot how much I was behind on my blog. Sorry for this novel.. I guess this is just for me to reminisce. March started competition season for the dance studio and we did really well! We worked hard and it showed. We did Toy Story as our production this year and it was so cute! Even though we didn't feel ready for our first competition, we held our own and did a really good job. It was also my parent's 22nd anniversary this month. I hope I can have a marriage like theirs and be so in love after that long. I also went to the Lady Gaga concert with Lacia. I love Lady Gaga and it was really one of the best concerts of my life! My cute grandpa also had his 81st birthday, we didn't know then that it would be his last...
April 2011: My mom and I went to St. George this month for competitions, we had fun together and I love the time just her and I get to spend together. We had a good cry a long the way remembering Craig. We had fun there and TCD of course rocked it! We also had some more competitions this month, some in which I had to compete! It was fun dancing again though, even if I'm not as good as I used to be. We had Easter as well this month.
May 2011: Well this month was more competitions, preschool graduation, and my summer started. We ended competition this month as well. I got done with school and found out I have to retake Biology... sucky right?! My friend Brooke got married, and so did my friend Rachel. I was very happy for them! I had an encounter with Jordan at Brooke's wedding though, not fun! I also had a fun "naughty" shower for my friend Lacia. We had another Tabi trip here too.My grandpa also was feeling some pain in his stomach and went to get tests done, they thought that it was pancreatic cancer and has already spread to his liver. Here we started with more heartbreak, tears and family tragedy...
June 2011: Here we are FINALLY in June. My friend Lacia just got married last Saturday after 5 years of being together with Chase! I am so happy for them and I was glad I got to be a part of their wedding by being a bridesmaid. My Grandpa had a stroke and was put in the hospital, it was kind of a good thing because we wouldn't have known the status of his cancer without it, and he wouldn't have been getting the help he was. It was so awful to see him that way. No one ever wants to see their loved one the way I saw my grandpa for the first time. He had his stroke Tuesday and by Thursday we were told his cancer and spread all over his body and should go home to die... my family was told that very coldheartedly. We found the best hospice service out there. Really, these guys were the most amazing people and so sweet to my sweet, sweet grandpa. He was out on Hospice Thursday and slowly stopped eating, drinking, and eventually talking. He was holding on for a long time, being his stubborn self. I think he was worried about leaving his family and especially my grandma.. I also think he was waiting for one of his daughters that hasn't been around for years to come... unfortionaly she didn't come and as my whole family was there talking about how we were ook to let him go, he passed. He was surrounded by us all and we all got to see him leave this life free of pain. It is bitter sweet although I miss him more than I thought I would... He was and still is my hero!! I love you Grandpa and I hope you are having fun with your parents, Craig, billy, Vern and Nathan. I'll see you soon... But on to more happy things.. It wouldn't be right posting this without a tribute to my amazing father! Its father's day and I just wanted to wish him a HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!! I wouldn't be the girl I am today without you! You are such a great example to me and I am lucky to have a friendship with you as well. You are not just a daddy, you are so many other amazing things to me... I forget how much I take my parents for granted. I realized how many people don't have both parents in their lives and I take for granted that both mine are... they are the most selfless amazing parents and I sure hope my dad has the best father's day because of it! I LOVE YOU DADDY!!(and mom)OK.. now I promise, i will stay updated from now on. :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My amazing parents.. made it to 21 years today! Happy Anniversary!

Well, I know its not MY anniversary, but I thought I would pay tribute to the two most perfect people I know.. My two heroes! Mommy and Daddy. Sense they've been married 21 years I thought I would name 21 reasons as to why I love them..

1. They brought me into this world

2. They are so selfless, and would do anything for anyone before themselves

3. They taught me how to be a good person

4. They taught me how to love and how it feels to be loved

5. They have NEVER missed a dance performance of mine, always had 100% of their support

6. They paid for me to dance (which is what I love more than anything in this world) even when they sometimes didn't know where the money was going to come from.

7. They even danced with me, sharing memories I'll never forget.

8. They are the strongest people I know, the way they deal with their cards dealt is so unbelievable.

9. They are not only my heroes, but my best friends. They give the BEST advice.

10. My father, has showed me what a real man is and he works harder than anyone I know. I've always wanted to marry someone just like him.

11. My mother has shown me everything I need to know about being a good mother (when its time) and when I am one, I hope to be even half the wife/mother/woman she is.

12. I love the way my dad brings me flowers for no occasion and has sense I was a little girl.

13. I love the way my mom can tell what I'm thinking or feeling without me saying anything

14. My dad is the best cuddler

15. My mom, her shoulder is the best when I need to cry

16. They are both so non-judgemental, not only with us kids but with everyone around them

17. Both of them inspire me to be a better person, to work harder, and to love everyone around me

18. I love the examples they have set for me

19. I love that they are so in love.. still after 21 years.

20. I love that they also had 3 sons that I love with all my heart

21. finally, I love that they have sealed me with them for eternity... that they have raised me believing the things we do.

There are so many more reasons than 21..

I love you mom and dad sooo mush, without you always being proud of me and pushing me to succeed, I wouldn't be proud of myself or doing the things I should be half the time. Thanks for your amazing example of love. Thank you for all your support, thank you for being you, but most importantly.. thank you for being my parents/best friends/heroes!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Fun weekend!! Plus letters and a phone call.

I just got back from Tabiona with some friends! It was the funnest time I've had in awhile, and the funnest weekend ever! We didn't do much just sat around, ate, slept and watched movies.. while attempting to sled. It was a blast... Eric, Chaseton, Josean, Brandon, Nick, Lacia, Amber, and me all went Thursday to Sunday. It was cold but fun. My mother was keeping me updated on mail and I came home to 9 LETTERS!! I was so excited and while getting ready to leave today I got a phone call from Jordan. I loved it, it was a great weekend all together! Spent it with great company... true friends and getting news from the boyfriend. I also ordered a hoodie for myself and it came in the mail this weekend too its an army girlfriend hoodie. I loved this weekend.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

First Army Call!

My man just called!!! We got to talk for about 15 minutes... it seemed like 2 seconds. He sounds great! I was a mess ( a good mess) we talked about normal stuff we've been up to. He had some news that he might get deployed the end of November 2011... I'm holding onto the words might! He then told me we had 30 seconds so then I start bawling! haha. I am extremely happy I didn't miss his call this time. I am extremely happy I got to talk to him! This has made my year! Tomorrow the countdown starts... One month until I see him!!! I miss him and love him so much!!! just one more month.... and 7 more weeks until he is home! Then we can start a future together!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Life Lately.

Hello. I'm not sure how many people actually read my blog, but it's more of a journal for myself anyways. So here goes.

I got a new Chevy cobalt this past month. its been great feeling cool driving :) its also kept me pretty occupied while my man is gone. It has become "my baby"

Jordan and I write letters everyday! I have gotten four from him in the last two days. He is really doing great. He is on a 3 day camping trip where they have to hike a few miles with 60 lbs on their backs. He's gonna be buff. He has been ordained into the priesthood there with special permission. He has really fallen in love with the church there. You should see his letters, I wonder if it's even him sometimes with all the things church related he writes. I love it though, he is so excited to go through the temple with me someday. ( I can't wait for that day) He quotes scriptures and the prophet like nobodies business, and its always things I need to hear at the moment. He is so great. I love him more and more each day.

I have been busy going to school full time, teaching dance, teaching preschool, babysitting Jordan's little sister, nannying for Alaina, and having my new calling as a primary teacher. I hardly get "me" time, but I love what I'm doing and I love the kids!!

Life is pretty good to me considering. Well ta ta for now.